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Fitness Tax Credit

The Government has doubled the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit (CFTC) and  made it refundable to help families who register their children in eligible fitness activities. Making the tax credit refundable makes it possible that even those who don't earn enough to pay income taxes can benefit from this credit.

Parents can take advantage of the new $1,000 maximum limit in the Spring of 2015 when they file their tax returns for 2014. The credit will be made refundable beginning in the 2015 tax year.


Our Thoughts

There are constant reminders within society regarding the prevalence and repercussion of childhood obesity.

With the recent implementation of the Fitness Tax Credit, the Federal Government is helping to encourage children to get into the habit of participating in daily physical activity. This habit – once started – is one that people often maintain throughout their lives.

We strongly believe that the Fitness Tax Credit is an integral component of what must be a broader strategy to encourage activity among children and young adolescents. The Tax Credit can be a motivating tool that supports programs for children, increased levels of physical activity, and a lifelong love for living an active lifestyle.

Encouraging families to help their children become physically active is an essential goal, and one that is becoming increasingly important.

What kinds of programs are eligible for the credit?

The credit applies to supervised children’s programs that have a significant physical-activity component, where participation over time can be reasonably expected to result in improved fitness, particularly cardio-respiratory endurance, as well as muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance.

Programs are eligible for the tax credit if they last at least eight weeks at a minimum of one session per week.

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