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About Us

Addicted To Sports was established as a result of the growing concern over the health risks associated with obesity and sedentary lifestyles of children.

We provide a safe, non-threatening atmosphere where kids can learn and achieve success.

Kids develop new skills and enhance self-confidence.
Participation with a focus on skill development through co-operative and lead-up games.

We teach skills enthusiastically because we feel that when children complete new skills with competence, they develop a love for learning.

A child who is successful will never forget how much fun it was to try something new and succeed.

Our Philosophy

Sport has a fundamental role in an active and healthy lifestyle which is important for kids as they develop. 

We believe that sport has far wider-reaching benefits (e.g., teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship).

We promote participation to help children build self-esteem and competence and achieve personal bests through team play.

An active child is more likely to develop into an active adult.


Frank Galati
B. A, B.Ed, Phys. Ed Specialist
Frank is a teacher, coach and co-founder of "Addicted To Sports Inc.".  He has spent the last 21 years working with children in athletic and educational settings.  His sport background includes coaching baseball, basketball, ultimate frisbee and squash.

Michael Facchinelli
B.Sc, B.Ed, Phys. Ed. Specialist Michael is a teacher, coach and co-founder of "Addicted to Sports Inc.". He has been working in education for the last 22 years. His sport background includes coaching hockey, soccer and volleyball.


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